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OSB Interview Questions


Q1: What is Proxy and Business service?

Proxy service:

It is used in OSB which is exposed to source system or application.

Business service:

It is a service in OSB which is used to connect to target system ot application.

Q2: what is Message Flow?

Message flow is there in proxy service, we do all types of transformation, routing and other processing in messgae flow only.

Q3: why we use split join in OSB?

To do parrale processing. Two types : static and dynamic.

Q4:  why do use throtting?

Q5: How to call Java code from OSB?

By using java callout activity

Q6: Can we use more than one route node in message flow?

No, we cant use more than one route node in proxy service messagw flow.

Q7: To transform from binary to XML or XML to binary format what we will usw in OSB?

We use MFL

Q8: Can we use MDS in OSB?

No, Oracle service bus does not support MDS.

Q9: Can we use DVM in OSB?

No, we cant use dvm in OSB.

Q10: When we use service Account?

We use Service Account when we are invoking a service which required static authentication. we can re-use Service Account for other Business Services as well.

Q11: How Security works in OSB?
Oracle Service Bus leverages Weblogic Security Framework. we can use OWSM to secure OSB services. To secure OSB proxy service, we use OWSM service side policy. we can use OWSM client policy and invoke secure web service from OSB.

Q12: Webservice Security - Message level and Transport level

What is Transport-Level Security?
It refers to transport protocol security means secure the connection over which messages are transferred. E.g. HTTPS means HTTP over SSL.

What is Message-Level security?
Message level security is used when we want to protect the message exchanged between two applications.

Q13: Types of pipeline available in OSB?
We have two pipelines in OSB, Request and Response pipeline.

Q14: How file pooling works in OSB?
There are below two ways to poll a file in OSB.

·      Use OSB file protocol: We can use file protocol available in proxy service to poll the file. Refer below post for more

·    Use File adapter: we can create file adapter in Jdeveloper and import JCA, WSDL & XSD file of that adapter into OSB and generate proxy service from that.

      Q15: What is Service pooling in OSB?
In OSB we can group together more than one service so that whenever one service goes down, request will route to next available service and end user can continue his work without any interruption.

Service callout


Parking lot pattern

Route vs publish


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