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VBCS - Export data to Excel | Export data component

Use Case:

  • Extend the EmployeeApplication.
  • Install Export data component
  • Drop the export data component to employee list main page.
  • Bind the Export dara to data source and fields to export.

Steps in detail with Screenshots:

VBCS - Dependent or Cascading Select dropdown

Use Case:

  • Create a Web application
  • Create 2 business objects - Category and Food
  • Drop Select(one) component on web main page and associate with Category BO. 
  • Drop 2nd Select(one) component and associate with Food BO. Add a default filter criteria - Category as -1.
  • Add an event on 1st Select(one) to filter only the food names to that cateory type. Filter criteria- Category type as 

Parent child BOs:

Steps in detail with screenshots:

Create new application.

Create 2 Business Objects.

Take Select(one) component and add data source.

Add event >> assign >> put Filter Criteria for Food Name SDP.

Preview and test.

VBCS - Parent Child Relationship between Business Objects

Use Case:

  • Extend the EmployeeApplication . See my previous blog:
  • Create 2nd Business Object "Address"
  • Create a reference between Address and Employee using employeeId
  • Drop a table in the Main page of Employee list and associate the Address BO.
  • Add 1st Filter criteria not to show any default addresses.
  • Add 2nd filter criteria in the employee list event to show only addresses belongs to the selected employee. 

Parent child relationship:

Steps in detail with Screenshots:

Add Business Object - Address.

Default fields:

Add all required fields and a reference Address to Employee BO using Employee id.

All the fields added:

Add one address row.

Go to the employee list main page:

Add a Heading as Address

Add a table >> Quick start >> Add data

Select Address BO.

Add all fields to show

Add field criteria not to show any address rows by default.

employeeId equals to "-1"

Select employee table >> Events

Select event

Add an assign

Click assign

Go to addressListSDP >> filter Critetia >> click to add condition >> employeeId equals to $variables.employeeId


Select one employee >> it will show referenced Addresses of that employee.

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