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OIC | Convert UTC Date and Time to another timezone in Oracle integration cloud servic


  • OIC provides date and time in UTC format. Sometimes as per project requirement, we require to change the UTC format to another timezone. 
  • Oracle provides OOTB XSLT function fn:adjust-dateTime-to-timezone() to achieve this objective.
  • The fn:adjust-dateTime-to-timezone() function adjusts an xs:dateTime value to a specific time zone  or removes the time zone component from the value.
fn:adjust-dateTime-to-timezone(dateTime-value, timezone-value)

dateTime-value: the dateTime value that is to be adjuated.

timezone-value : A duration that represents the time zone to which dateTime-value is to be adjusted. timezone-value can be an empty sequence or a single value of type xs:dayTimeDuration() between -PT14H to PT14H. This component also can include minutes like this for IST, PT5H30M.

Use case: we will convert UTC to IST and UK timezone using XSLT function.

Implementation Steps:

Step1: For this POC, we have Scheduled integration

Step2: Drop an assign activity on the integration canvas and create following variables:

currentDateTime: /nssrcmpr:schedule/nssrcmpr:startTime

IndiaTimeZone: string(fn:adjust-dateTime-to-timezone(nssrcdfl:dateTime(/nssrcmpr:schedule/nssrcmpr:startTime),nssrcdfl:dayTimeDuration('PT5H30M')))

UKTimeZone: string(fn:adjust-dateTime-to-timezone(nssrcdfl:dateTime(/nssrcmpr:schedule/nssrcmpr:startTime),nssrcdfl:dayTimeDuration('PT1H')))

Steps with Screenshots:

Testing output:

Note: we can also use fn-adjust-time-to-timezone funstion to adjusts an xs:time value to a specific time zone or removes time zone component from the value.

Reference for more details about the XSLT function:

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