Monday, October 2, 2023

OIC - Split comma separated string values to Array | Use of create-nodeset-from-delimited-string() function in XSLT

UseCase: Here, we will show you how to split an input, received as comma separated string values( here, emails) into array of values using create-nodeset-from-delimited-string() function.

Logic steps:

  • Create a rest trigger connection
  • Create an app driven integration and configure using request and response jsons
  • Map the request to response using create-nodeset-from-delimited-string() function.

Input json:




output json:








XSLT code:




<xsl:for-each select="oraext:create-nodeset-from-delimited-string('{}value',/nstrgmpr:execute/nstrgdf1:request-wrapper/nstrgdf1:Emails,',')">


<xsl:value-of select="."/>






Details steps with screenshots:

Rest configure to input comma separated strings and get back response as array.

Map the rest request which is the comma separated strings to array using create-nodeset-from-delimited-string() function.


Note: we can also use oraext:create-delimited-string() XSLT function to convert nodes to delimited string.


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