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OIC HCM - Subscribe to Atom Feeds in a scheduled integration | Oracle Integration Cloud

Usecase: Here, we will create a Scheduled integration and subscribe HCM Atom Feeds for Employee Update and write them to a FTP directory.


  1. Atom Feeds enable to track changes made to feed enabled resources in Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud and to send them to different downstream applications.
  2. It supports following resources for Atom feeds:
    1. Employee New Hire
    2. Employee Update
    3. Employee Termination
    4. Employee Assignement
    5. Grade
    6. Job
    7. Location
    8. Organization
    9. Position
Logic Implemented steps:
  1. Create a schedule parameter to hold timestamp , which will help to take Atom data after this timestamp. Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS:sssZ e.g. 2018-06-03T02:34:06.000Z
  2. Configure HCM adapter - subscribe to updates (via Atom Feed) >> select an Atom feed like Employee Update and map the timestamp to updated Min.
  3. Take a for each loop and assign repeating element for employeeupdatefeed_update
  4. Take 2nd inner loop and assign repeating element as changedAtrributes
  5. In the inner loop, configure ftp adapter and write as binary, privide output directory, file name pattern like EmployeeUpdate%SEQ%.csv >> privide sample file where fields are: PersonId,PersonNumber,Attribute,New,Old >> map the required fields.
  6. In the outer loop, update the timestamp using updated_timestamp field of the feed response.

Integration flow:

Detailed screenshots:


Thursday, May 16, 2024

OIC HCM - Oracle Cloud HCM integration patterns Highlevel

Oracle HCM Cloud has multiple capabilities for Batch & Real time Integration Scenarios, below diagram depicts product capabilities -


OIC HCM - Upload file to UCM and run ImportAndloadData operarion using HCMDataLoader service

Usecase: Here we will perform the following actions:

  1. First upload file to UCM
  2. ImportAndLoad using HCMDataLoader service.
Note: We can upload a file to Oracle Webcenter Content(Universal Content manager) with the oracle HCM cloud adapter. The File to upload can be either encrypted or unencrypted.

Detailed steps:

Upload to UCM:

Configure Oracle HCM Cloud adapter endpoint >> select Send files to HCM Cloud. >> select Security group =FAFusionImportExport and Doc acoount= hcm$/dataloader$/import$ >> map the following:

File reference = zip file response reference
DocTitle = zip properties >> file name
DocType = "Document"

Import And load:

Configure Oracle HCM Cloud adapter >> select option = Query, Create , Update or delete infomration >> Browse by Services >> select HCMDataLoader >> operation = importAndLoadData >> map the following

Content id = dDocName of the upload ucm response
Parameters = optional like "ImportConcurrentThreads=8"

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

OIC HCM - discuss about different HCM import and load job status

Please find below table for different job status and their meanings:


The process has not started yet. It is waiting or ready. If this value is returned please poll again after some wait.


The process is running, but the data set has not been processed yet.


The process is running.


The data set completed successfully. Job is completed, you can fetch the output.


Either data set load or data set import was cancelled. Job is cancelled.


The data set or process in error. Job has ended in error.

OIC HCM - How to import business objects with the HCM Data Loader from OIC Integrations

Usecase: Here, we will see how to import data for business objects wih the HCM data loader from OIC Integration.

Here, I will import Grade.dat file.

Before proceeding further, read my below blogs:

  1. About delimiter data (.dat) file format
  2. How to Generate Business Object Mapping File in HCM
  3. Modifying Template and Integration Mapping File (nxsd) for OIC

Highlevel steps:

  1. Read the source file , it can be fetched from a ftp server, rest or soap service etc.
  2. Write Grade.dat file in Stage action Using integration mapping file(nxsd ).
  3. Zip the file using stage.
  4. Drag and drop HCM connection and configure and select Import Bulk Data using HCM data loader(HDL) and submit an HCM data loader job
  5. Drag and drop HCM adapter again and configure with Query the status of an HCM Data loader job

Integration flow:

Detailed steps with Screenshots:

Create Oracle HCM Cloud Connection

Read file using FTP adapter

Write file to stage:

Zip the file

Import the zipped file

HDL query status check:

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