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OIC ERP - How to download Import Payables Invoices Report using ERP cloud Adapter from Oracle Integration


Here, we will see how we can download the import Payables Invoices report. That is we will download report equivalent .xml file which contains same details like the report.

Why do we need :

Note: By default, when we do import AP standard invoice and enabled callback, using import payable invoice process request id if we download ess job exec details, it will only give a .log file but not actual execution report.

High level steps:

  • Create an app driven intregation and configure to subscribe callback event
  • If summarystatus and import payables invoice succeeded, store the import payables invoices request id to a variable
  • Call cloud ERP adapter and do submitESSJobRequest operation of ErpIntegrationService to run the report and get the request id as response.
  • Take a while loop and check getESSJobStatus 
  • Once submitESSjob gets success, downloadESSJobExecutionDetails using cloud erp adapter
  • Write the zipped file to stage location using opaque schema
  • Unzip the files using stage
  • Map the xml file(putting a predicate condition as fileType='xml' in xpath) to send as Notification attachment.
Ess report package details:
jobPackageName: "/oracle/apps/ess/financials/payables/invoices/transactions/"
jobDefinitionName: "APXIIMPT_BIP"

Detailed steps with screenshots:

Integration flow:

Subscribe callback event:

Assign global variable for request id, ess job package name, path, loop counter and ess job status etc.

Switch to check summarystatus

Store import payables invoices process request id.

Configure submit ess job request and map the import request id and ess job package definition and name.

While loop to check ess job status

Configure getEssJobStatus and map the request id which the response of the submitEssJobReq.

Update status and counter to loop.

Put a wait time.

Once ess job gets succeeded,  configure downloadEssJobExecutionDetails and map the request id of the submitEssJobReq.

Take a stage to write the zipped file.

Unzip the files.

Take a notification and add the details required and attached the .xml file in the attament area. We need to put a predicate condition fileType ='xml' in the xpath to read the .xml file.

After test:

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