Saturday, December 9, 2023

OIC ERP - When to use Fusion Accounting Hub (FAH) vs GL Journal integration?

When to use Fusion Accounting Hub (FAH) vs GL Journal integration?

When GL :

For the third party source system (such as Payroll or Treasury , etc.) which provides direct transformed accounting transactions or data, we can use GL Journal Import interface. We can build a custom integration by importing a periodic data file from the source system and insert the data validation and populate the GL journal fbdi template. We can then upload the template and import the GL Journal.

When FAH:

The source systems which are unable to provide transformed accounting data, we can use Fusion Accounting Hub (FAH) -  create the subledger source for the 3rd party system and configure the account transformation rules. Then import the transaction data using the fbdi template.

Once transactions are accounted in FAH sub- ledger, there are 2 ways to transfer these accounted entries to Oracle General Ledger. 

  • One is to transfer at once by submitting the individual Journal Import.
  • the other one is to submit it as part of the Create Accounting Process itself (Create Accounting => Accounting Program => Journal Import). With the second option, system submits journal import for each of the child accounting programs i.e. concurrency achieved at the journal import level. This can save up to 30% of total time and works within an interface.

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