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OIC HCM - Importing and Loading Your File from HCM

Follow the below steps:

Step1: In the application, on the home page, click My Client Groups > Data Exchange

Step2: On the Data Exchange page, click Import and Load Data

Step3: Click Import File on the page header.

Import file
Step4: Drag and drop your .zip file from your file explorer to the Choose File button. Alternatively, click the Choose File button to search and select your file.

Step5: Click Submit. >> The process parameters are displayed, click Submit.

Tip: You don’t need to change the parameters values.

Step6: Click OK on the Submitted confirmation page. You’re returned to the Import and Load Data page. Go to Recent File Loads 

We can the Grade.zip - import and load are in progress.

Expand the details.

The Import Status will indicate if the business object .dat files in your zip file imported into the staging tables correctly. Here you can see that import was successful.

The Load Status will indicate if the data is successfully loaded in the Oracle HCM Cloud application tables. The clock icon indicates that Load is still in progress.

There are various counts; your file contained 5 data lines, so the Total Lines should be 5. In this simple file the 5 lines represented 5 grade objects, so the Total Objects should also be 5. 2 grades lines failed, 3 load success, total 60% load success.

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