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OIC HCM - How to Generate Business Object Mapping File in HCM

How to Generate Business Object Mapping File in HCM

To load data using OIC for HDL, we  need following 2 information:

  1.  Integration mapping file (nxsd file) of the relevant business object 
  2. Along with a sample .dat  template file.

If we go to the HCM environment and View Business Objects, the default setting only provides you the sample template file (.dat file) but it does not give you the relevant integration mapping file i.e. nxsd file.

Now to enable nxsd file, the following steps are required by the System Administrator of your HCM environment or relevant HCM Admin Roles.

Go to Setup and Maintenance >> Go to Functional Areas -> HCM Data Exchange and click on Configure HCM Data Loader task >>Here look for Generate Business Object Mapping Files and select the Yes on Override option and click on Save and Close.

Now if you go back to View Business Objects in HCM, you will have a new option available named Integration Mapping File.

By default, there are no files available here. So select the business object that you would like the nxsd file for and click on Refresh Object and it will generate the Integration Mapping File (nxsd file) that can easily be downloaded.



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