Tuesday, May 14, 2024

OIC HCM - Advantages Of HCM Data Loader (HDL)

  1. HDLhas the capability to access most of the Business Objects.
  2. Support for Partial and Incremental data loading. (no need to create record fully)
  3. If your HCM instance is configured with flex fields or user-defined fields, then you are capable of load values in those fields.
  4. Comprehensive bulk loading capabilities.
  5. User-managed loading or Automated using Web services this allows the tool to be fully autonomous and without user-initiated data load.
  6. Images/Documents can be loaded with records so that the system can associate them.
  7. Bulk loading of HCM data from any source.
  8. Flexible, pipe-delimited file format.
  9. Stage Table Maintenance.
  10. Capability to track and monitor in real-time.
  11. Ability to set the number of threads that are driving a process.

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