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OIC HCM - Modifying Template and Integration Mapping File (nxsd) for OIC

Modifying Template and Integration Mapping File (nxsd) for OIC

  • There is one to one correlation between the template file (sample .dat file) and Integration Mapping File (nxsd file).
  • When we download these files they include all attributes available to be loaded into these business objects. All of these attributes are not required. Based on the business requirment we have to put the surrogate key and mandatory fields only.
  • One thing to note for OIC is that when we use nxsd files, we need to map every attribute available as part of OIC mapping. The best way to achieve this is to modify the Template File (Sample .dat file) and then modify the nxsd file to ensure only those fields will remain that you will be loading using OIC.

Let’s take the example of Grade Business Object, when I download the default .dat file it brings in all attributes, 

Now first create a sample dat file as per requirement, 

remove all columns that you will not be loading data into via HDL. Once the requirements are clear. You will have to modify the relevant nxsd file.

Now let’s look at the original nxsd file that was downloaded from HCM.

Before we start removing the elements that do not appear in our sample .dat file. 

We need to pay close attention to the following:

  1.  "terminated" element in the nxsd file. You will notice two values here 
    1. "terminatednxsd:terminatedBy="|": This appears on all elements as this is the main file delimiter. 
    2. "terminatednxsd:terminatedBy="${eol}" : This appears on the last element of the section
It is important to note these as when you will modify your nxsd file and remove the elements that are not required, chances are your last column name/element will change. For OIC to generate the next line it is key that you shall modify the terminatedBy with $eol to your new last column name/element. 

So here is my modified nxsd file related to the sample .dat file.

Now when I perform the mapping in OIC, this is how it looks.


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