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OIC - Invoke OTBI report in Oracle Integration and save the report in a ftp location.

Usecase: Here, we will invoke the OTBI report from OIC integration and save the xml report to a ftp location.

OTBI webservice:


Steps to follow:

  1. First create a SOAP invoke connection using above wsdl with security user name and password.
  2. Take a scheduled or app driven integration and create schedule params for Logon user, password etc.
  3. Drag and drop created soap connection and configure for SAWSessionService >> logon operation >> provide logon user name and password >> it will give session id as output.
  4. Drag and drop created soap connection and choose XMLViewService >> choose executeXMLQuery operation >> provide following information as input:
    1. Session id , which we received from previous step.
    2. Variable name value pair if any parameter to pass
    3. Report path : which we will get form the report >> more >> properties >> Location and name. For example if location:  /shared/Custom and name: XXOTBIMultiParam then report path will be : shared/Custom/XXOTBIMultiParam
    4. Execute options 
      1. Async : true
      2. Maxrowsperpage: 10
      3. Refresh: false
      4. PresentationInfo: false
      5. Type: 1
  5. We get the ouput in CDATA xml format as response
  6. Take a stage and opaque schema to  write the xml string as a xml file. In mapper, map the encodeBase64 data of rowset
  7. Take another stage and otbi response schema to read the xml file from the stage write filereference.
  8. Configure ftp adapter and write the file using a target schema or csv file. 
  9. Map the read xml contents to target xml file.
Note: we can also mention outputFormat as. SAWRowsetSchemaAndData if it is giving output format is missing error.

Detailed screnshots:

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