Wednesday, May 15, 2024

OIC HCM - How to import business objects with the HCM Data Loader from OIC Integrations

Usecase: Here, we will see how to import data for business objects wih the HCM data loader from OIC Integration.

Here, I will import Grade.dat file.

Before proceeding further, read my below blogs:

  1. About delimiter data (.dat) file format
  2. How to Generate Business Object Mapping File in HCM
  3. Modifying Template and Integration Mapping File (nxsd) for OIC

Highlevel steps:

  1. Read the source file , it can be fetched from a ftp server, rest or soap service etc.
  2. Write Grade.dat file in Stage action Using integration mapping file(nxsd ).
  3. Zip the file using stage.
  4. Drag and drop HCM connection and configure and select Import Bulk Data using HCM data loader(HDL) and submit an HCM data loader job
  5. Drag and drop HCM adapter again and configure with Query the status of an HCM Data loader job

Integration flow:

Detailed steps with Screenshots:

Create Oracle HCM Cloud Connection

Read file using FTP adapter

Write file to stage:

Zip the file

Import the zipped file

HDL query status check:

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