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OIC HCM - Configure HCM Extract bulk data in an OIC Integration

Usecase: Here, we will perform the following:

  1. Define an HCM extract and submit/upload to Webcenter content
  2. Create an OIC integration to download the HCM bulk data from UCM or webcenter content.
Note: we can extract data from HCM following 3 ways:
  1. BIP report ( SQL queries >> data model >> report like rtf)
  2. OTBI( Subject Areas >> drag and drop)
  3. HCM Extract ( User Entities >> SQL queries written by Oracle)
HCM Extract Logic steps:
  1. Define hcm extract >> create new
  2. Select extract types like HR Archive
  3. Define root data group like persons with user entity : PER_EXT_SEC_PERSON_UE
  4. Add filters like: Extract Person System Person Type = 'EMP' and calculate rows
  5. Add record under data group : person details 
  6. Addd record attributes as database items like Person First Name, Person Last Name,Person Number etc.
  7. Define extract Delivery options as WebCenter Content, provide output name as uploadToUCM.xml
  8. Go to advanced  sectiona and provide encryption mode and Integration name.
  9. Validate the created delivery >> validate
  10. Submit extract and check the content uploaded to webcenter content server.
Download from UCM in OIC logic steps:
  1. Create an HCM connection and create an scheduled orchestration integration
  2. Add a schedule parameter to store processed document id and initialize it with value of 0.
  3. Drag and drop Oracle HCM cloud adpater and select Receive Files from HCM cloud option
  4. Select the integration name for the HCM extract like IntegrationDemo123
  5. In the mapper, map the schedule parameter to lastProcessedDocumentId
  6. Drag a stage and read file in segements using response file reference and use it as required.
  7. Take a assign and update the schedule parameter  document id.

Step1: Define an HCM extract and submit to Webcenter content

Navigation >> My Client Groups >> Data Exchange >> Extract definitions

Step2: Create an OIC integration to download the HCM bulk data from UCM or webcentet content.


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