Thursday, May 16, 2024

OIC HCM - Upload file to UCM and run ImportAndloadData operarion using HCMDataLoader service

Usecase: Here we will perform the following actions:

  1. First upload file to UCM
  2. ImportAndLoad using HCMDataLoader service.
Note: We can upload a file to Oracle Webcenter Content(Universal Content manager) with the oracle HCM cloud adapter. The File to upload can be either encrypted or unencrypted.

Detailed steps:

Upload to UCM:

Configure Oracle HCM Cloud adapter endpoint >> select Send files to HCM Cloud. >> select Security group =FAFusionImportExport and Doc acoount= hcm$/dataloader$/import$ >> map the following:

File reference = zip file response reference
DocTitle = zip properties >> file name
DocType = "Document"

Import And load:

Configure Oracle HCM Cloud adapter >> select option = Query, Create , Update or delete infomration >> Browse by Services >> select HCMDataLoader >> operation = importAndLoadData >> map the following

Content id = dDocName of the upload ucm response
Parameters = optional like "ImportConcurrentThreads=8"

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