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ERP/HCM - Create OTBI report with parameter

Usecase: Here, we will create an OTBI Payable invoice report with a invoince number parameter named as P_INVOICE_NUM.

Implemented steps:

  1. Navigation >> Tools >> Reports & Analytics >> browse Catalog >> Create >> Analysis 
  2. Select Subject area >> Payables Invoices - Transactions Real Time
  3. Select the required columns or fields from subject areas to selected columns sections
  4. Go to the Results tab and see the output.
  5. Go to Prompts tab >> create a variable prompt >> provide variable name as P_INVOICE_NUM >> user input as Choice List >> select invoice number as column >> ok
  6. Go back to Criteria tab >> add filter >> Invoice Number >> value as Presentation Variable >>  put created Parameter name: P_INVOICE_NUM in Variable_Expr >> put a default value >> ok
  7.  Go to the Results tab and see the output
  8. Save the report
  9. Go th catalog >>open report >> select value >> ok >> we can see the output.

Detailed screenshots:

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