Sunday, May 26, 2024

HCM/ERP - Invoke OTBI report webservice from SOAP UI Tool


Here, we will see how to invoke an OTBI report webservice using SOAP UI Tool.

OTBI webservice:


Steps to follow:

  1. Open soap ui tool and create a soap project using the above otbi wsdl.
  2. Open SAWSessionService >> logon operation >> provide logon user name and password >> it will give session id as output.
  3. Open XMLViewService >> choose executeXMLQuery operation >> provide following information as input:
    1. Session id , which we received from previous step.
    2. Variable name value pair if any parameter to pass
    3. Report path : which we will get form the report >> more >> properties >> Location and name. For example if location:  /shared/Custom and name: XXOTBIMultiParam then report path will be : shared/Custom/XXOTBIMultiParam
  4. We get the ouput in CDATA xml format

Detailed screenshots:


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