Monday, September 2, 2019

Topics vs Queues

  • A JMS Topic implements publish and subscribe semantics.
  • When you publish a message it goes to all the subscribers who are interested - so zero to many subscribers will receive a copy of the message.
  • Only subscribers who had an active subscription at the time the broker receives the message will get a copy of the message.
    Topics = Insert > Broadcast (send to all subscribers) 1:n

  • A JMS Queue implements load balancer semantics. 
  • A single message will be received by exactly one consumer. 
  • If there are no consumers available at the time the message is sent it will be kept until a consumer is available that can process the message. If a consumer receives a message and does not acknowledge it before closing then the message will be redelivered to another consumer. 
  • A queue can have many consumers with messages load balanced across the available consumers.
    Queues = Insert > Withdraw (send to single subscriber) 1:1

Queues vs Topics

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