Tuesday, September 3, 2019

SOA composites migration from 11g to 12c. ( to (

Following are the points required for the migration:
1. Export SOA composites from 11g production ( and import in 11g Jdeveloper ( and compile/make the project and open in 12c Jdeveloper ( using jpr.

Note: As per the Oracle SOA documentation, if you want to migrate from 11g version lower than, then you have to migrate that 11g old version first to and then to 12C version.

2. Change Load balancer URL/Host from the composite.xml reference section.

3. Use the MDS references if the feature is not used in 11g version. Create MDS references for all reusable artifacts (xsd, wsdl, dvm etc.) in a composite and delete them locally.
Note: Abstract WSDL definition of an external service can be stored in MDS

4. Use new XPath functions in the BPEL/Mediator components.

For instances:

  • Earlier releases of Oracle SOA Suite 11g encouraged the use of getCompositeInstanceID() as a way to identify and track the running instances. With the advent of the Flow ID concept, it is advisable to use the getFlowID() function where the FlowID of the instance needs to be tracked. getCompositeInstanceID() →  getFlowID()
  • Also, be observant for the change in the namespace prefix for some of the functions.  For example, bpelx:copyList() should be used instead of ora:copyList(), although both the functions are available.
5. However, since you will be working on migrating projects from previous versions to 12c, you might face an error message displayed as follows for any composites which were initially developed using JDeveloper 11g:
Unable to read the diagram details.
In the composite.xml file, find the following two properties:
<property name=”originalProductVersion” type=”xs:string” many=”false”></property>
<property name=”productVersion” type=”xs:string” many=”false”></property>

Remove the originalProductVersion property, then compile and deploy again to your 12c environment.  You should now be able to see the composite definition.

6. Compare files with 11g and 12c and do the environment specific changes like (Endpoint URI, File path, User and password etc.)

7. Create partition (if not exist)

8. Create SAR file and deploy in EM console.

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