Monday, September 2, 2019

Oracle 12c SOA Suite - composites lazy loading

A new feature in SOA Suite 12c is composite lazy loading.
  • This feature allows the components, WSDLs, and XSDs for a composite to be loaded as needed instead of at startup. 
  • In SOA Suite 11g, we observed that Server start up taking time when we have more numbers of composites deployed on the server. Many of the composites may be retired or previous versions simply for maintaining compatibility.  
  • Once utilizing SOA 12c, those customers will no longer have slow server start up times and can accomplish restarts much more quickly with less downtime for each node.
  • This helps to reduce start up time of the SOA servers from possibly as high as 30 minutes for domains with a large number of composites deployed, down to just a few minutes.
Lazy Loading Levels:
Composite Lazy Loading can be configured at two levels:
  1. Domain Level
  2. Component Level
Lazy Loading at Domain Level:
This setting can be disabled/enabled from System MBean Browser in FMW EM console.

1. Login to EM Console, right-click on the domain you want to tune and select System MBean Browser from the drop-down menu.

2. In the System MBean Browser folder structure, navigate through: Application Defined MBeans -- -- Server: ServerName -- SoaInfraConfig -- soa-infra.

3. When you click on soa-infra, its attributes will be listed in on the right. Look for the CompositeLazyLoading attribute and click on it. You can set the value to true to enable it or
false to disable it.

4. Click Apply and restart the server for changes to take effect.

Lazy Loading at the Component level:
To enable/disable it at component level, you need to follow below steps:
1. Open composite.xml file
2.  Add the new property lazyLoading="false" to override the default behavior at the domain level, as shown in screen shot
Component level

3. Redeploy your code

By default, composites will inherit the lazy loading setting from the domain level.

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