Monday, September 16, 2019

12c SOA sensors

  • Sensor feature provides the ability to define track-able fields on messages and enables us to find a specific composite instance by searching for a field or fields within a message. For example, a sensor could be defined for an Employee Id within a message, thus allowing us to search and find the instance where the employee id in question is found.
  • While this functionality is not new within Oracle SOA Suite 12c, there are some improved capabilities that have been included in this release.
  • When we create sensors in a composite it will creates following 2 files:
    1. sensor.xml: Contains the sensor definitions of a BPEL process
    2. sensorAction.xml: Contains the sensor action definitions of a BPEL process
  • Composite sensors can be defined within a SOA composite application in several components:
    1. Service component (exposed service)
    2. Reference component (external reference)
    3. Mediator or BPEL component that have subscribed to a business event (publishing an event cannot have a sensor)
Service Component level:

Reference Component level:

Deploy and test:

Mediator subscribed to business event level:

In BPEL, We can also have 3 types of sensors.
  • Activity sensors⇾Activity sensors are used to monitor the execution of activities within a BPEL process. For example, they can monitor the execution time of an invoke activity or how long it takes to complete a scope. Along with the activity sensor, you can also monitor variables of the activity.
  • Variable sensors⇾ Variable sensors are used to monitor variables (or parts of a variable) of a BPEL process. For example, variable sensors can monitor the input and output data of a BPEL process.
  • Fault sensors⇾Fault sensors are used to monitor BPEL faults.

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