Thursday, September 5, 2019

12c SOA Weblogic - Certificate import steps

Certificate import steps:
1. Download the latest certificate of the invoking application URL from the browser and saved it. It will have a .cer DER/Binary file.

Steps to get the certificate opening the URL in Chrome:

Click on Lock symbol→Certificate(Valid)→go to Details Tab→Copy to file→Next→select DER encoded binary x.509(.CER)→Next→browse and select the folder where to save it with a apt name→Finish

Showing with the google's certificate:

2. Now convert it to .crt (PEM file). Click here CertificateConvert to convert the .cer to .crt file.
DER/Binary⇾Standard PEM
3. Get the cert in .crt format and place the file in weblogic server home/server/lib path
for e.g /app/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home/wlserver/server/lib
4. Grant all the permissions
chmod 777 certficateOne.crt
5. Take the keystore backup as below:
cp CustomSOAKeysTrust.jks CustomSOAKeysTrust.jks_BK05092019
 6. Import certtificate in custom trust. Highlighted name need to be changed.
/usr/java8_64/bin/keytool -import -alias AliasCertName -trustcacerts -file yourCert.crt -keystore CustomSOAKeysTrust.jks -storepass CUSTOMPASSWORD

Note: /usr/java8_64/bin/ This is java bin path. provide the java bin path if it is not set.

7. List the certs to check if your cert is imported correctly.
/usr/java8_64/bin/keytool -list -keystore CustomSOAKeysTrust.jks -storepass CUSTOMPASSWORD
8. Do the same steps for server 2 (if it is clustered).
9. Restart the affected servers only one by one.

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