Monday, September 9, 2019

12c Jdeveloper - Application is disabled and not able to create new SOA or OSB projects

Sometimes you face that application is disabled and are not able to create any soa/ osb projects. There are several reasons of getting this issue:
  • Suppose you have opened the Java Developer / other preferences by mistake while opening the Jdeveloper.
  • The cause of this problem is that you once had other (non-SOA Suite 12c) JDeveloper installation and by default, both use the same user dir.
New Application disabled

In order to run SOA's JDeveloper correctly, you need to set the correct ide.user.dir path. 

Follow the steps:
Step1: Re-install the Jdeveloper in different location and go to Jdeveloper Oracle_Home/Jdeveloper/Jdev/bin folder and open the Jdev.boot file.

Step2: Add ide.user.dir path where Jdeveloper has been installed.

ide.user.dir = C:/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home/jdeveloper/system

Step3: Now open the Jdeveloper.exe 

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