Friday, September 20, 2019

12c SOA - SFTP configuration and FTPPlan.xml updation

Under change Center⇾click Lock &edit for doing any modifications on WebLogic server.
Under Domain structure select Deployments.
Under Configuration tab click on FtpAdapter.
 Under settings for FtpAdpter select configuration tab.
Select new in order to create new connection pool.
 Select the radio button for creating outbound connection.
Give a JNDI name for your connection and click finish.
You can see that the JNDI had been successfully created.
Select the connection pool you have created and under properties tab give a host name and press enter button so that it will save it otherwise it won’t reflect your updated host name.
Default port will be 21, update it to your port number and press enter.
Make UseSftp property as true so as to use it as SFTP else it will be FTP only and don’t forget to save the modifications.
Enter user name and password.
Once you save it, you will be redirected to properties page with following message.
 After saving go to deployments, select FtpAdapter and click update.
 Select the update radio button and click next.
 Your ftp adapter plan.xml file will be updated in following location. Click Finish.
 You will be redirected to configuration page with following message. Now activate changes.
After activating the changes, the FTPPlan.xml file will be updated with the new modifications.

Note: These modifications with FTPPlan.xml file will happen only in node 1. Thus we need to copy this file in node 2 location as well. After copying restart the servers for modifications to take effect.

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