Monday, September 23, 2019

12c SOA - Create a data source and outbound connection pool

Go to Service⇾Data Sources.
In configuration tab select newgeneric Data Source.
 Enter the name and JNDI name and click next.
 Select the database drivernext.
 It will show this, click next
Fill the details and click next
It will give this page. Now click test configuration, if success then you will get the above message. It means you are testing the connection directly with DB. Then click next
Now select the cluster that you want. Click finish.
Data source created successfully. Now click the data source to test it.
It will open this window, click monitoring tab.
Now select a server in this case osb_server1⇾est data source. It means you are testing this connection with server and DB You will get a success message.
 Creating outbound connection pool
Click deployments.

Click the adapter for which you want to configure outbound connection pool.
Select the configuration tab.
Now under outbound connection pool click New button to create a new connection.

Select javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory and click next.

Enter the JNDI name and click finish
Then check if it is created and click it .
Now enter the JDBC⇾press enter and then save.
Now Go to the deployments again and select the DBAdapter and update the DB adapter plan.xml.

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