Friday, July 8, 2022

Parse an incoming EDI X12 document using Standalone mode | B2B for Oracle Integration

Here, we will see how to parse an Inbound EDI document to EDI XML data uaing B2B action in Standalone mode.

Steps in detail:

Navigation pane >> Integrations >> Create >> App driven Orchestration style

Configure the rest trigger 

Select the request payload format as Binary and mediatype : application/EDI-X12.

Select JSON sample as the response payload format.

Json payload:
"translate_result": "",
"hasError": false,
"translated_payload": ""

Configure the B2B Action
Standalone mode

Select the EDI document direction and data format.

Inbound EDI message to Oracle Integration message
EDI Message:
Document version: X12
Document version: 4010
Document type: 850
Document definition: Standard
EDI Character encoding: UTF8

Perform validations on input data: yes

Provide a sample data to test for translation.

Map the Stream response as encodeRefeferenceToBase64 format to edi-payload.

Map the Translate output
Edi-xml-document as get-content-as-string to Translated_payload
Tranlation-status to Translate_Result
Validation-errors-present to Has_errors
Validation-error-report to validation-errors

Add tracking.

Testing with 850 EDI data

Test Syntactical validations
In addition to translation, the B2B action also validates the EDI it recives and reports the error found.

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