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Getting started with Processes | Process cloud service | Oracle Integration cloud

Use the processes feature to rapidly design, automate and manage business processes in the cloud.

Access processes for Oracle Integration: Processes is automatically included when provisioning the following Oracle Integration.

  • Processes in Oracle Integration Generation 2 in Enterprise edition.
  • Processes in Oracle Integration for Oracle SaaS Generation2 in Enterprise edition.
In standard edition, you are not licensed to use this component.

Processes working environments:
Design time /Composer:
  • Provides business-friendly graphical tools for designing processes, forms, data, decision models, and metrics from scratch

  • Includes QuickStart Apps for fast and easy rollout of custom business applications

  • Provides test environments for refining processes before activating them for use in production

  • Let you move process applications (metadata and data) from cloud to on-premises

Run time / Workspace:
  • Makes it easy for you to view, complete, reassign, and delegate tasks

  • Let you stay organized with filters

  • Let you share documents and collaborate with others on your team

  • Provides tools to track process flows, view detailed audit trails, troubleshoot, and fix processes

Languages and Technologies used with processes:
  1. BPMN(Business Process Model and Notation) - the standard language for process applications.
  2. WSDL(Web service Description Language): We can expose process applications as web service and also communicate outside web services.
  3. REST(Rrepresentational State Transfer ): Process has a rest API feature that we can use to integrate with other applications.
Roles for Processes:
Users can be assigned various roles that allow them to access, administer and use processes.
  • ServiceAdministrator
    • Access all process components
    • Monitor and manage processes
    • Manage user accounts and grant roles to user
    • Configure connections to othef services such as oracle content management.
  • ServiceDeveloper
    • Develop and Activate process applications
    • Start application
    • Perform process tasks
    • Reassign tasks to other users
  • ServiceUser and ServiceEndUser
    • Start application
    • Perform process tasks
    • Reassign tasks to other users
  • service_instance_name.CECIntegrationUser(Oracle Content Management User)
    • In processes, use this user's credentials to configure the connection to oracle content management.
My Tasks Page:
Depending on the role, use the My Tasks page to work on, Monitor, troubleshoot or administer process tasks.

Oracle Integration navigation pane > click My Tasks 

Process applications Page: process application is the core component of the design-time environment and contains all the required resources of the application, including the business processes.

In the Oracle Integration navigation pane >> click Processes >> click Process Applications.

Use the Process Applications page to:

  • Create applications from scratch, based on a QuickStart App, or by importing

  • Manage your applications, including viewing, unlocking, cloning, downloading, and deleting


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