Thursday, July 7, 2022

How to update FTP Receive Integration PostProcessing behaviors | update Integration properties values | B2B for Oracle Integration

To change the behavior for one specific FTP transport, locate its FTP Receive Integration, and navigate to the Update Property Values dialog.

The Integrations page shows a search icon, filter icon, and number of integrations in the upper left. A table is displayed with columns for Name, Version, Style, Last Updated, and Status. At the far right, the actions menu is selected to show options for View, Edit, Clone, Create New Version, Update Property Values (which is selected), Export, Add Schedule, Tracing, Asserter Recordings, Enable Asserter Recording, Submit Asserter Recordings, and Configure. In the upper right is the Import button.

  1. In the Update Property Values dialog, select the property to change and enter a value in the New Value field.
  2. Select Submit to make the new values effective for future runs.
    The Update Property Values dialog is shown. From top to bottom are the Learn More link, the Property Name field, the Default Value field, Current Value field, and New Value field.

  3. To change the behavior for all transports created in the future, edit the integration named B2B Integration Template FTP Receive.
  4. In the schedule action in the integration canvas, select Edit Integration Properties and change the default values.
    The actions menu of the schedule is selected. The menu includes selections for Edit Schedule Definition, Edit Integration Properties (which is selected), View Integration Properties, and Convert to REST Trigger.

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