Monday, July 25, 2022

How to create a process instance with OIC REST API | Process Cloud Service

Usecase: Here, Using Oracle provided REST API, we will create/test a new process instance for a message based process from SOAP UI.

Note: It does not support process instance creation of a synchrounous process. Only Async process instances creation is supported.

To Create a Process Instance, use below URI and Verb:

  • Resource URI: https://<Host>/ic/api/process/v1/processes
  • Verb: POST

Request Body:



"processDefId":"oracleinternalpcs~<Application Name>!<Version>~<Process Name>",

"serviceName":"<process name>.service",



"params":{"Name":"Sri", "Reason":"Not Feeling well","FromDate":"2022-07-25","ToDate":"2022-07-25"}


Note: operation by default is start. If you have changed your process operation, then you have to use the same 

My used payload:






"params":{"Name":"Sri", "Reason":"Not Feeling well","FromDate":"2022-07-25","ToDate":"2022-07-25"}


Steps with Screenshots:

Open SOAP UI >> Rest >>provide URI>>Ok

Add a basic authorization.

Add payload and test.

Open OIC >> My Tasks>>select and perform required action.

  1. We can also create a new process instance from a web form(Form-based process Start)
  2. We can also retrieve a process instance using get verb and uri: /ic/api/process/v1/processes/{processid}


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