Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Receive Inbound EDI using B2B Receive Integration | B2B for Oracle Integration


This is the recommended approach to receive the inbound EDI file using B2B For Oracle Integration.

  • Here, we will create a FTP transport and agreement.
  • During transport creation step, B2B will create 2 default integrations. One to receive the inbound EDI  and 2nd to send outbound EDI from Host Company.
  • During Inbound 850 agreement creations step, we will use backend integration as the auto created Receive one.
  • We will create an Inbound backend Integration which will send the EDI xml to target system, In our case, we are logging the EDI XML.
  • From Receive Inound Integration we will call the created backend inbound integration.
Flow:: FTP Transport & Agreement >> FTP Receive Integration >> B2B Backend Integration>> logger to log the EDI XML

Steps in detail:

First Create an B2B document. 

Here, 850 doc created. Follow my blog to see how to create B2B docs:


Add Host profile Identifiers

As I am using FTP Transport, So AS2 Identifier is not needed.

Add Trading partner >> B2B Identifiers

Add Transports and Agreements

FTP Transport details

B2B Receive and Send Integrations will be auto created.

Create an Inbound Agreement for 850. Here, we select it as FTP Recive Integration one.

See 3 integrations required
1>> Receive 
2>> Send
3>> Inbound Backend

Receive Integration flow:  

This flow is auto created. I just call the  Back end inbound integration and map it.

Inbound backend integration:

Please check my blog how to create Inbound backend Integration here.


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