Thursday, July 7, 2022

Create a Trading partner | Create a FTP Transport | Create an Outbound agreement | B2B for Oracle Integration

Here we will see the followings:

  1. Create a Trading partner
  2. Create a FTP transport
  3. Create a Outbound Agreement

Create Trading partner:

Oracle Integration Home >> B2B >> Trading Partner >> Create

Provide B2B Trading Partner Identifiers

Create a FTP Transport:

Transports & Agreements >> Transports >> + sign

Provide Transport Name and Type ( Here FTP) and select a FTP connection.

Provide Inbound and outbound Path details and file name etc.

Provide TP name and it will create 2 Default integrations for Receive inbound And Send Outbound EDI Message.

Deploy it and configure Receive schedule.

Create an Outbound Agreement:

Outbound Agreements >> + sign

Provide Agreement name and select a doc type. Here doc type =850

Provide required Trading partner Host company Identifiers.
Select Transport.
Configure agreement settings as required.

Click add and deploy the agreement to use it.

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