Wednesday, July 28, 2021

OIC - SFTP operations - Move and delete

Generally OIC supports following  5 Ftp operations:

  • Read a file
  • Write a file
  • List Files
  • Delete a file
  • Download a file
Here, I will show you the steps for a POC for move and delete operation.


Step1: create an app driven or any other integration and create a rest trigger connection and drag and drop in the integration and configure the following:

Provide a endpoint name
Verb as POST
URI: /
Configure the request payload option

Request payload as Json:

"sourceDirectory": "sourceDirectory",
"deleteFileFlag" : "Y"

Step2: Take a switch acrivity and mention the condition moveFileFlag="Y" and take a SFTP connection and config the following:

Provide endpoint name: moveFile
Operation: Move a file
Overwrite file option checked.

Map the following :

directory: your source direcrory
fileName: file name

Step3: now take again a switch and mention the condition as deleteFileFlag=Y and drop a ftp connection and configure the following:

Provide endpoint name:

Operation : delete a file



Map the following:



Step4: add the tracking, save and activate amd test it with proper data.

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