Thursday, July 8, 2021

OIC - dynamic email send with html table content.

Here, i will explain the steps how we can send the dynamic email with html table content.


Step1: create an app driven integration and drag and drop a rest trigger connection and configure the request json as below:



"Employee": [{

"Name": "asd",

"Id": "as123"




Step2: take an assign and create a variable like emailContent with


Step3: take a for each action and map with fkr each employee

Repeating element: /nssrccmpr:execute/nsmpr3:request-wrapper/nsmpr3:EmployeeDetails/nsmpr3:Employee

Step4: in the for each action, in the emailContent variable add the follow:

concat($emailContent, "<tr><td>", Name_xpath,"</td><td>",Id_xpath,"</td></tr>")

Step5: outside of the loop, take assign and add the close table tag in the emailContent variable.

Concat($emailContent, "</table>">

Step6: take notification action and provide details for From, To and Subject. And then create a paramter as body and assign the variable $emailContent. And write the beloe code in the Body section.



You can place any style script here



<p>Below are the emp details:</p>




Step7: add the tracking, save and activate and test it.

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