Tuesday, July 6, 2021

OIC - Replace existing connection with the new connection in OIC integration

Why do we need this?

  • This new update allows us to replace any existing connection used in an integration with another connection of same Type and Role. In earlier version, first we need to delete the exisitng connection used in the integration amd then create  a new connecrion for that. So lot of changes needed in the downstream flow or integrations.
  • Sometimes we may need to change the connection name used in an integration.

In simple, it saves a lot time and reduces rework.

Steps to follow:

Step1: Deactivate the integration.

Step2: Click on the actions(hamburger sign) and then click Configure.

Step3: Select the connection which you want to replace and click the replace button to select the new connection of the same type and role. For instance suppose your connection type is rest and role is trigger so you have to choose same rest type and role for the new connection. 

Step4: Done and click save and close.

Step5: Activate your integration ans check from open details if the new connection is showing and then test.

Note: Suppose all your integrations are in a package then whole package components will be showing in the actions --configure step and you can change the connection used for the entire package too.

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