Monday, July 12, 2021

OIC - Integration Metadata Access

Many times we want to use the name of the integration, its version, Identifier and Instance id ans other environment and runtime specific  information inside the OIC integration flow. With this new feature called "Integration Meta data" we can dynamically fetch these details and we dont need to hardcode them.

Following metadata are available:


  • Name
  • Identifier
  • Version
Self-runtime data:
  • Instance ID
  • Invoked by name
Self-environment data:
  • Service instance name
  • Base URL
Where we can use them:
These read only fields can be used in any orchestration like Assign, Log activity, Notificaton activity etc.

Steps to use meradata:

Step1: Create a new integration or edit an existing integration flow

Step2: Add a new Log action

Step3: Edit the log message and in the source tree you can see the list of metadata. Drag and drop the required metadata to the expression builder

Step4: Save and activate the integration

Step5: Trigger the integration flow using the endpoint. Go to Monitoring > Tracking page. Open the particular run and click on 'View Activity Stream' and you should see the Log message which logs the integration name etc.

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