Friday, July 30, 2021

OIC - Resolved - Stage read file in segements - XML-22031 : Error variable not defined.


This is a strange error. I have a orchestrated integration which performs the following:
  • First list the files from s3 directory using sftp
  • Then for each file, it downloads the file and  reads the file reference using stage read in segments. 
  • In the read in segement, we are wrting the line records in the required erp comma separated format. 
  • The downloaded file size is ~21MB.


During transformation, we received below error:

Xpath expression failed to execute.

The reason was javax.xml.transform.TransformerException. 

XML-22031 : (Error) Variable not defines for "currFileRef".

Screenshot from OIC: errored in the writeLineRecord stage activity.


This is an Oracle bug. During mapping if any fields are blanks, then this kind of issues can occure. 

Oracle recommended to use a scope in the read file in segemets. Whintin the scope, the writeline stage and mapper will be there.

Screenshot after change:

After this small change, I have tested again with same 21MB source payload and it has magically processed without any error.

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