Saturday, July 17, 2021

OIC - Convert a Scheduled Integration to a REST Adapter-Triggered Orchestration Integration

You can convert a scheduled integration to a REST Adapter-triggered, app driven orchestration integration. This eliminates the need to recreate the integration if you need to change the integration style from scheduled to app driven orchestration.


  • You cannot convert a scheduled integration to a REST Adapter-triggered integration with multiple verbs.
  • You cannot convert a scheduled integration with assignments that have the fault data type.

Implementation steps:

Step1: In the left navigation pane, click Home > Integrations > Integrations > de activate and Open the scheduled integration you want to convert.

The integration canvas is displayed.

Right-click the schedule icon and select Convert to REST Trigger.

Menu is displayed with selections for Edit Schedule Definition, Edit Integration Properties, View Integration Properties, and Convert to REST Trigger.

Step2: A list of available REST Adapter triggers is displayed > Select the REST Adapter to use as the trigger connection in this integration. > This invokes the Adapter Endpoint Configuration Wizard. Configure the REST Adapter in the wizard.

When wizard configuration is complete, click Done.

A message is displayed.

Clicking done will perform conversion to REST trigger and will clear tracking information, delete any assignment variables with fault data types and update any impacted actions. Errors and warnings may occur which will require manual correction. Are you sure you want to continue?

Review the message, then click Convert.

Step3: A conversion progress bar is displayed. When complete, the converted integration is displayed in the canvas with the REST Adapter trigger connection.

The integration is displayed horizontally. Conversion errors identified by little red circles are displayed on the impacted actions in the integration.

Step4: Investigate any errors and manually correct the impacted actions or invokes. For example, any scheduled parameters in the scheduled integration are deleted during conversion to an app driven orchestrated integration. This results in errors in any actions that reference those schedule parameters (for example, an assign or logger action).

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