Sunday, April 21, 2024

VBCS - task18 - publish the application

Usecase: here, we will see how to publish your application to live when we have successfully tested the staged application. The live application will be visible to users with proper credentials.

Detailed steps:

Cilck menu >> select publish >> Include data from stage >> publish 

In the header, we can see its showing live.

Menu >> open published application.

Also, we can go back to the all application >> locate your application >> select live web app to open the app.

Once the web app is published, we wont be able to make any changes to it, to do that, we will need to create a new version from the application's options menu on the visual application page. This will create a dev version of the app for us to work while the published version stays live. Once we are ready to go live with our updates, need to restage and republish the new version.

Open the live app url to mobile device >> install the app >> we will be prompted to add to our phone home screen as well.

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