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VBCS - task16 - Enable the web app as a PWA

Usecase: Here we will show how to enable the web app as a PWA.

  1. Once all the web app development work done, as a final step before we stage the app, we can enable it to rub as a Provressive Web App or PWA. 
  2. PWAs are designed to be capable, reliable, and provide a platform specific look and feel.
  3.  When we enable a web app as a PWA, it can be installed ditectly from a browser on a user's device, including Android and iOS mobile devices.

Navigation and steps:

Web apps >> click hrwebapp node >> settings >> PWA >> toggle Enable Progressive web app(PWA).>> review the Manifest setting(app name, short name, theme color) >> under resources >> click create next to the offline fallback page .

App name: to be displayed when we are prompted to install the app.

Short name: The short name is used on the Home screen, launcher, and other places where space is limited.

Offline Fallback page: To add page  that is displayed when the user pefforms an action in the PWA that requires a connection , but the device is offline.

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