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VBCS - important parts or tools under Navigator

The vertical toolbar is the navigator. It has following parts:

Web applications
Business Objects

Web applications:

We can create multiple web apps within our visual application. Each web app is independent, but they can all use the data sources defined in the visual application.


With the help of service connections, connect to REST APIS, to any back end systems like database ORDS system, fusion applications etc which has exposed as a rest. If we need to connect a soap connection. Then better to use oic integration to connect soap service, then from vbcs servics, we can the rest integration service as servicr catalog.

Business Objects:
  • A business object is just a resource for example, en employee or address. It has fields to hold the data for your application. A business object is like database table. In fact, business objects are stored in a database.
  • The web application accessess the business objects through their rest endpoints.

Layouts & Components:
 It has all the available oracle JET tools , we can install them and use in our web pages such as about page, calender, attachments viewer, data grid , dynamic table etc.

using this section, we can connect to PCS service like any human intervention workflow.

It stores all the sources of the components we drag and drop in the web app pages. As VBCS is a low code developement environment, it stores all the sources here with visual-application.json, package.json, gruntfile.json etc. Files.

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