Tuesday, April 16, 2024

VBCS - task1 - Create a web app

Usecase: Here we will create a Web application in VBCS.

Detailed steps with Screenshots:

Click new application and provide application name

The newly created visual app opens on the welcome page . It has following resources:

Create Apps(Responsive apps)
Coonect to Data(Service connections)
Add artifacts(components)
Business Objects

Create apps >> Responsive Apps >> web application>> provide web app name.

The vertical toolbar is the navigator. It has following parts:
Web applications
Business Objects

The hrwebpage opens the main-start page, which is the application's default home page.

Note: We will notice the hrwebpage node contains main node which in turn contains the main-start node. The main node the application's deafult flow containing the deafult page main-start. An application can have mutiple flows, each of which cab be used to group related pages. By convention, a page takes its flow name as a prefix.

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