Friday, March 24, 2023

Oracle ERP - How to download ESS job's output and log file using ErpIntegrationService web service with SOAP UI?

ErpIntegrationService web service can be used to start an ESS job in Fusion Applications, to monitor status and to download the output and log file. 

In order to retrieve the output and log file of an ESS request following two operations are available:

  1. downloadESSJobExecutionDetails
  2. downloadExportOutput
As a response when invoking the web service with any of these operations, a payload containing a list of document id, file name, content type, file title, author, security group and account, file content is returned. In this payload the file content is contained as an attachment.

Steps with Screenshots:

First fetch the wsdl url from ERP.
Navigation >> Tools >> Developer connect >> search with ERP Integration Service >> click the service and select the wsdl

https://<erp public host>/fscmService/ErpIntegrationService?WSDL

Open the SOAP UI >> New Soap Project >> provide the wsdl url and name >> select operation , here downloadESSJobExecutionDetails >> Request 1

Provide the request id in the payload >> auth >> add new authorizaton >> basic >> provide user and pwd

Run >> select attachments tab in the response window and select the attachement >> select the button which "Exports the selected attachment to a file" >> save with .zip extension at the desired location.

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