Friday, March 3, 2023

Oracle Cloud ERP - Create an Integration user with adequate roles and Priviledges | Assign Required roles to an Integration User

Usecase : Here, we will create an Integration user and assign roles to Integration user in Oracle Fusion ERP cloud using security console.

Roles to add:

  • Add Function Security Policy : 
    • Name: Manage Webservices catalog Code: FND_MANAGE_CATALOG_SERVICE_PRIV : Privilege to Manage Web service Catalog.
  • Add Role:
    • Role1: Name: Integration Specialist Code:ORA_FND_INTEGRATION_SPECIALIST_JOB : it is a job role which inherits Oracle ERP Cloud roles but does not include any data access. Individual responsible for planning, coordinating, and supervising all activities related to the integration of enterprise information systems.
    • Role 2: Name: SOA Operator Role , Code: SOAOperator: SOA application operator, for common operational tasks like start, stop  monitor, backups.
    • Role3: Name: Attachments User , Code: AttachmentsUser: provides access to the Attachments Security which enables user to download log or output file using ERP Integration service.
    • Role 4: Name: Employee , Code: ORA_PER_EMPLOYEE_ABSTRACT
    • Role5: Name: SOA_ADMIN_ROLE, Code: SOA_ADMIN_ROLE : this is needed to access the SOA composer to register the CSF key.
Detailed steps with screenshots:

Login to ERP >> Home Navigation >> Tools >> Security console

Users >> Add User account

Provide user details >> Save and close

Roles >> Create Role

Provide Role name, code and Role category as " Common - Job Roles" >> Next

Add Function Security Policy >> 

Name: Manage WebService Catalog

Add Role  >> Next

Name: Integration Specialist

Role 2:
Name: SOA Operator Role
Code: SOAOperator

Role 3 :
Name: Attachments User
Code: AttachmentsUser

Add User >>search username >> add user to role >> Save and Close

Users >> search the created user >> click kn the user >>Edit >> Add Role

Role 1:
Name: Employee

Role 2: 

Save and close

Tools >> Scheduled Processes >> Scheduled New Process >> submit the job : Retrieve Latest LDAP Changes

Once the sync roles job succeeded, login the ERP with the created User and verify if scheduled processes and Reports and Analytics exist under Tools.


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