Thursday, March 9, 2023

OIC - ERP - Supplier import failed due to Supplier type is inactive or invalid | VENDOR_TYPE_LOOKUP_CODE

Usecase: We were trying to import a supplier to oracle cloud ERP and we have observed its failed due to the follow error : 

  • Rejection Remarks: " Supplier  Type is inactive or invalid " 
  • Value: Supplier

Here, we will show you how to overcome this issue.

Error details:

Navigation >> Tools >> Scheduled Processes >> Import Suppliers in error

ERP setup / configuration:

Home Navigation >> others >> setup and maintenance >> setup : Procurement >> Functional areas: Suppliers >> Manage Supplier Type Lookup >> enable the supplier code which is required(in my case i have enabled supplier).

Success import status:

Navigation >> Tools >> Scheduled Processes >> Import Suppliers as succeeded.

We can also track imported supplier
Procurement >> Suppliers >> Manage Suppliers >> search with Supplier number or other details.

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