Friday, March 17, 2023

OIC - ERP - How to download Oracle FBDI template | Generate CSV files from the template file

Usecase: Here, we will show how to download FBDI template and get the CSV header and line files from the template 

Implementation Steps:

Step1: Download the Oracle FBDI template for Payable standard Invoice.

And follow the navigation:

ERP >> Financials >> Administer >> Import Data (Get started with file-based data import >> Payables (Payables Standard Invoice Import) >>XLSM template(PayablesStandardInvoiceImportTemplate.xlsm)

Step2 : Generate CSV files from the xlsm template.

In Invoice header, put unique Invoice id and Invoice number.

In Invoice Line , put that same invoice id for all the line Items.

In my caes, I have taken 1 Invoice header and 10 Invoice Line Items.

It will give a zip file which contains header and line files. The same format we have to send to erp for import.

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