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OIC - ERP - Import Account Payable Invoice to Oracle Cloud ERP | FBDI import and Callback

Usecase: Here we will see how to do File Based data(FBDI) Account Payable Invoice import to ERP cloud and receive callback using Oracle Integration(OIC).

Implementation Steps:

Step1: Download the Oracle FBDI template for Payable standard Invoice.

And follow the navigation:

ERP >> Financials >> Administer >> Import Data (Get started with file-based data import >> Payables (Payables Standard Invoice Import) >>XLSM template(PayablesStandardInvoiceImportTemplate.xlsm)

Step2 : Generate CSV files from the xlsm template.

In Invoice header, put unique Invoice id and Invoice number. In Invoice Line , put that same invoice id for all the line Items.

In my caes, I have taken 1 Invoice header and 10 Invoice Line Items.

Step 3 : Create the .properties file.



Used Invoice properties(



Source: External

Business unit id: 300000138277756

Ledger id: 300000160661710

Now question is how to get the above values of the parameters:

How to get the Jop package name and definition name: follow my blog below link:

Now How to get the job parameters:

Note: to get the Job parameters, I will suggest run the job from ERP scheduled process and take the parameters from the erp like below:

If you want to know how to import AP invoice from ERP itself, follow below my blog:

Step4: create a zip file with .properties and invoice header and line.

Step5: Create an OIC ERP cloud connection.

Follow my below blog to create:

Step6: Create a scheduled Integration to FBDI import to ERP using the created cloud erp connnection

What we did: simply read the zipped file using sftp and call the erp cloud adapter and import the file to ERP and enable callback and receive callback using another app driven integration.

Schedule parameters

Read zip file

Map schedule params to read params.

Configure Oracle ERP cloud adapter 

Import Bulk Data into Oracle ERP Cloud

Process - Import Payable Invoices

Enable Callabck

Map the read file reference to oracle erp adapter.


Step7: Monitor the process in ERP

Navigation >> Tools >> Scheduled processes >

Flow >> first the FBDI process imported the files to UCM >> load to ERP interface tables >> load to Main /base tables.

ERP processes involved:

Load Interface File for Import

Transfer File

Load File to Interface

Load File to Interface

Import Payable Invoices

Import Payables Invoices Report

Upload Interface Error and Job Output File to Universal Content Management

To subscribe or register the csf key , follow below blog:


1. We can download Import payable Invoices Report to check all the issues of the data imported and take further action.

2. We have simply subscribe the callback but this is not the limitation, we can further extend. Based the callback job status, we can download the job execution status and write to a sftp directory or call a BI report to get all the imported details like what number and amount of invoices not loaded , rejected or successfully loaded etc. 

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