Friday, March 3, 2023

ERP - Register the CSF key | subscribe to Oracle Fusion Cloud | Subscribe to Fusion Business Events and FBDI Callback

Usecase: To Subscribe to Fusion Business Events and FBDI Callback: 

In a FA-based SaaS instance, the outbound call of a webservice uses a OWSM security policy which retrieves the credentials for the call from a CSF Key. This means that you need to register a CSF key for every connection to an external system

Register CSF key(Identity domain and OIC Service name) under Manage Security of SOA Composer in Fusion SaaS.

Detailed Steps with screenshots:

Login to soa composer

https://<Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud Instance>/soa/composer

Manage Security

Provide the CSF key details. The details will be fetched from OIC instance >> profile >> about 

CSF key: concating with Identity domain and OIC Service instance name

And provide OIC instance user and password details.

Note: to know how to create an integration user in ERP, follow my below link:

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