Monday, October 11, 2021

ODI 12c - Scheduling ODI load plans

Implementation Steps:

Step1: Locate the ODI load plan you created. And expand your load plan by clicking on the + sign next to the name of the load plan.  This can be found within the “Load Plans and Scenarios” tab. Highlight the “Scheduling” option and right mouse click..  Then select New Scheduling.

Step2: Within the definition tab you, you will need to enter in execution options such as, “Context, Agent, and Log Level.”  Once you have entered that you will need to select a Status. Here in our example we will leave this “Active.”  Once you have selected your status, then you will need to enter you execution options.  Here you will need to select when you want your load plan to run.  Once the following definitions have been set, click the save button. 

Step3: Next you will need to click on the “Topology” tab and expand the “Agents” listed under the “Physical Architecture” sub tab. Select the agent in which you are using to execute your load plan.  Then highlight and right mouse click.  Here a list of options will appear in which you will need to select “Update Schedule.”  This will update the ODI agent to reflect your scheduled changes.

In addition, to make sure your ODI load plan has been added to the ODI scheduler you can view the scheduler by selecting the “View Schedule” when highlighting and right mouse clicking the ODI agent.

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