Sunday, October 17, 2021

ODI 12c - loading XML file to SQL table

Here, we will see how to load a XML file to SQL table.


Step1: Topology - Physical Architecture - XML

Step2: New data server

Step3: Dataserver name

Step4: JDBC - provide schema path, file directory etc.

Step5: It will create a DTD file for that XML file.

Step6: Created data server - new physical schema.

Step7: provide schema and work schema.

Step8: Logical architecture - XML - create new logical schema.

Step9: provide the physical schemas for each contexts.

Step10: Designer - create new model

Step11: provide name, technology, logical schema etc.

Step12: Reverse engg - select System table

Step13: Selective Reverse engg - select objects and reverse engg.

Step14: datastores created.

Step15: create new project and map and mapp source and target datastores.

Step16: Physical - Choose LKM

Step17: choose IKM and flow control as false.

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