Monday, October 25, 2021

ODI 12C - CDC implementation using JKM

Here, we will see how to capture changed data(New inserted data and update data) using JKM and send the data to Target.

Implementation steps:

Step1: import JKM 

Step2: model -- Journalizing -- select Journalizing mode . Here choosing Simple and select KM.

Step3: Open Datastore and constraints -- create primary key as empno.

Step4: EMP datastore -- CDC -- Subscriber -- subscribe. Add one subscriber.

Step5: Add to CDC

Step6: Start Journal ans select subscriber.

Step7: you can check that Subscribers will be created and J$ and JV$ tables.

add emp table in the journalized table.

do the mapping Nd select subscriber in the logical Journalizing section

Add LKM and IKM and flow control as false.

select source unit and check the option Journalized Data only.

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