Monday, October 11, 2021

ODI 12c - Model creations with constraints

Here, We will create a primary key constraints on dept no. On dept model datastore.


Step1: Create a model folder.

Step2: provide folder name

Step3: right click on the created folder and create new model.

Step4: provide model name, technology, logical schema and agent if any and save.

Step5: Go to Reverse engg for masking if any

Step6: Go to selective reverse engg and select objects to revers engg and select tables as needed and click reverse engg.

Step7: tables will be created.

Step8: Expand dept data store and click on Constraints and new key

Step9:select primary key

Step10: go to attributes and select deptno

Primary key created. This key will be created in ODI level not on db level.

To create db level key, go to control of the constraint and select defined in the database.

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